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Where’s the Biz?
Last week’s NATPE conference was one of the strangest on record. The halls of the convention center were empty, but some business was conducted.
It’s an uncertain time to work in syndication

It’s an uncertain time to work in syndication

The NBA’s Cable Gamble
Despite overexposure, new TV deals with Disney and AOL could pay off

Cable TV
TNT Borrows WB’s Moves
GM Koonin eyes shows for younger viewers

Kmart Learns The Hard Way
Reverses insert cutbacks after sales drop

Kids TV
4Kids Plots Quick Profits
Fox Kids winner banking on Japanimation hits

Market Indicators

National TV: Moving
NBC and CBS are about 80 and 60 percent sold respectively in first-quarter scatter. Auto spending remains strong; telecom and fast food are holding up.

Net Cable: Warm
Scatter inventory is moving slowly, with CPM rates flat to slightly down. Pharmaceu-ticals, automotive and movie studio categories are spending.

Spot TV: Tighter
Inventory is tightening, especially for NBC stations, which will air the Winter Olympics. Automotive dollars are holding strong, with GM and Toyota leading the way. Pacing is off due to buys coming in late.

Radio: Building
National spending is showing signs of improvement over last year but is still down by double-digits. Local is picking up, but inventory is generally negotiable. Spending is up from autos, retail and home furnishings.

Magazines: Holding
After major revamps in the women’s service category, titles are reporting increased interest from retail, financial services and pharmaceuticals. Urban apparel and electronic games are active in men’s lifestyle books.