Radio GA-GA

Copywriters, locate your unused radio scripts that are collecting dust bunnies and submit them to the fifth annual Dead Radio Contest.

That’s the advice of Dan Price, president of Oink Ink Radio in Santa Monica, Calif., and New York. Whether the script was squashed due to a client’s cold feet or a boss’ high standards, Oink Ink is offering ad folk the chance to see their vision become reality. Any script that has never been produced qualifies, said Price. Submissions are due by May 15.

Over 700 writers have submitted scripts to the four previous contests, said Price, adding that the trend last year was situational humor.

Last year’s winner, “The Inauguration,” was written by Ned Connelly, a copywriter at Campbell Mithun in Minneapolis. Intended for Verizon Wire less, the spot featured someone talking loudly on a cell phone at an inopportune time—George W. Bush’s inauguration.

“Sometimes the best spots are the ones that don’t get bought,” said Connelly.