purpose pitch

The Ad Club of Sacra men to’s Addy Awards call for entries this year looks just like a DVD package. It contains a CD-ROM with a trailer for a 20-minute film called The Pitch along with a video game of the same name.

Created by David Flannigan of local shop Crocker/Flannigan, the film, which will be screened at the ceremony on March 13, follows a hapless young creative director trying to get to the pitch for a $10 million account.

Along the way he encounters a nasty dog, an even nastier meter maid and a nice old lady who gives him a ride but drives ever so slowly. As it turns out, the obstacles, including a mickey that makes him sleep late, were devised by the client to test his resolve.

The videogame, meanwhile, is a version of Frogger that has an adman trying to leap through busy traffic and make it to a pitch without getting splattered.

“Every year the entries look the same, so I wanted to do something different this year,” said Flannigan. “We all have to jump over hurdles to win accounts, so maybe I was venting a little.”