How much would the perfect man go for in an auction? Just under $600, according to TV-shopping network

In a TV spot where the home-shopping network mocks its own programming, Shop NBC personality Charla (who goes by only one name) hawks the perfect man for $599. Among his attributes are guarantees to keep his body hard for 40 years and to not lose any hair, according to Charla’s sales pitch.

“Plus, he cuddles,” says Sue Kruskopf, president of Kruskopf Olson, the Minneapolis agency that created the spot.

The ad, which employs ShopNBC’s tagline, “Unbelievable stuff,” will air this week during NBC’s Today Show.

Despite a rushed shooting schedule (the spot traveled from conception to completion in five days last week), Kruskopf said the shop had no problems finding an actor who will appeal to the company’s target: 35-54-year-old women.

“We had to go for somebody in their late 30s,” said Kruskopf, who herself fits into the com pany’s demographic. “He was quite perfect, and you can quote me on that.”