‘Power Buy Guy’ Zooms Into Action

Stone & Ward has introduced “Power Buy Guy,” an in-store shopping superhero, in new television spots for Harvest Foods.

The unintentionally funny, jumpsuited spokesperson zooms down aisles squeezing fruit, spotting savings and bewildering customers.

An outdoor and radio teaser campaign will precede the introduction of Power Buy Guy on Sept. 6. Thirty-two billboards will feature a lightening bolt and the single word “Power.”

Six television commercials by the Little Rock, Ark., agency will follow, with spot buys in Arkansas and Louisiana where Harvest Foods operates 33 grocery stores.

The Power Buy Guy commercials mark the first branding effort for Little Rock-based Supermarket Investors, a company which also operates grocery store brandsPiggly Wiggly, Budget Saver and Smitty’s in the region.

The three-year-old company began working with Stone & Ward last year to create a brand campaign for its largest grocery chain. Previous efforts had been promotions-based advertising.

“Power Buy Guy is a likeable personification of what the Harvest Foods brand represents to the consumer: value, quality and service,” said Larry Stone, chief executive officer and executive creative director of the agency, in a statement. “He’s friendly, funny and always ready to help. He’s an all-American superhero who consumers in Arkansas and Louisiana will love and remember.”