Perchance To Dream

Calgon’s familiar “Take me away” tagline evolves in Margeotes/Fertitta +Partners’ latest work for the brand’s Morning Glory body mist.
The spot (shown here) opens with an image of a woman in a bathroom applying a spritz of the mist. She drifts into a dream sequence in which she imagines herself in a series of different fantastic scenarios.
A voiceover accompanies the fantasies: “When I dream, I dream of a corner office. I dream of my picture on the cover of Time and of firing my old math teacher. And when I dream, Morning Glory tickles my nose.”
Each fantasy features a different woman and different ethnic groups.
The ad is bathed in blue and boasts an hallucinatory sound-track. The woman returns to reality once a Calgon Morning Glory candle is blown out.
The spot ends with a woman’s sultry whisper: “Calgon, take me away.”
The spot supports a redesign of the Calgon brand, including new products, packaging and fragrances, the agency said. Billings for the campaign, which also includes print, were not disclosed.
-Justin Dini