Palmer Advertising Makes ‘Instant’ Appeal

NEW YORK — Palmer Advertising next week plans to launch an online campaign for Charter Communications to promote the company’s cable-modem services. It will run simultaneously in three major markets on the West coast, East coast and Midwest.

The effort will target potential consumers via an Instant Message operator who asks if they’d be interested in increasing their online speed by 100 times. Depending on the response, the Instant Message operator will send them one of several possible offers. [The online consumers have given the company permission to send them these promotional messages.]

“This all happens in real time, while the target customer is online,” explained Drew Palmer, president of the San Francisco-based shop. “It simply can’t be done with traditional direct marketing, and our cost is much lower per response.”

The agency will be able to test various offers and based on the results, use the best pulling offers on a daily basis. The budget for the campaign was not disclosed.