Pagano Positions uses colorful, offbeat imagery and uncluttered copy to appeal to oral health professionals in its first branding campaign from Pagano Schenck & Kay.
The client in Bethesda, Md., encouraged Pagano to take “an unconventional approach” in the campaign in order to break through the clutter of typical medical trade ads, said Lou Shuman, executive vice president of marketing at
In one print execution, two teenagers are shown in a candy store, surrounded by trays of jelly beans. “Now people can get a dentist as quickly as they can get a cavity,” copy begins. “Through’s online digital dental directory, we help consumers find dentists in their area. We also offer them comprehensive, credible information edited by our internationally renowned board of advisors.”
A second ad is set at a dental convention breakfast seminar, with a patient’s “pregnancy gingivitis” condition projected onto a wall, killing the appetite of at least one waiter. “When you’re online, there’s no such thing as a bad view,” copy states.
A “click here” icon appears in all ads, floating over the mouths of selected ad subjects.
Budgeted at $6-8 million, ads break this month and will run through November, mainly in dental health publications. The goal, Shuman said, is to convince as many dentists as possible to visit the site and sample its products and services.
Pagano in Boston picked up the account following a review [Adweek, Feb. 14]. K