OWN&P Ventures Forth With Dot.com

MeVC.com, a mutual fund company that bills itself as a means for everyday investors to become venture capitalists, has tapped Odiorne Wilde Narraway & Partners to design a $4-5 million ad campaign.
The San Francisco agency was selected after a review of three or four undisclosed Northern California shops. OWN&P’s first work for the dot.com will break this summer.
The goal of the startup is to help regular businesspeople and workers invest in information technology, Internet and personal computing projects.
“MeVC is democratizing the economic model that has excluded most investors by creating the first national venture capital investment management firm,” the company’s business plan states.
Part of the upcoming ad campaign will likely target investors who normally avoid riskier pre-IPO (initial public offering) companies.
“This site is where the everyday Joe can become a venture capitalist,” OWN&P president Wayne Buder said. “It’s as much for the farmer in Des Moines, Iowa, as it is for the capitalist in Silicon Valley.”
The site also teaches the basics of venture capitalism, offering, among other things, a glossary of terms and a tutorial on investment basics.
Buder said the campaign could feature TV ads.
“What we love about these guys is that it’s not about a get-rich-quick scheme,” Buder said. “It’s more that you can be part of the changing economic landscape. We were inspired by their approach.”
MeVC.com is partnered with Silicon Valley venture capitalists Draper Fisher Jurvetson. K