Orsatti Cements Deal With Welsh

After a successful run as a freelance copywriter, John Welsh has joined the staff of Orsatti & Partners as creative director of the 15-person Boston agency.
Welsh becomes a minority partner. Suzanne Knutson, director of database marketing and analytics, also holds a stake. Lou Orsatti, who founded the shop three years ago, is the majority owner.
Welsh, who begins his new job Jan. 1, should feel very at much at home. He has been overseeing creative development for all of Orsatti’s clients on a regular basis for the past year, acting as de facto director of the five-person creative department.
With the agency’s workflow growing steadily, the time had come to formalize Welsh’s position, Orsatti said. Joining the agency as a partner “is a good deal with the equity and an easy transition because they were my largest [freelance] client anyway,” Welch said.
Among his recent Orsatti work is a TV, radio and direct mail campaign for Shoplink, a Westwood, Mass.-based online delivery service. The agency’s roster also includes BankBoston and Fidelity Investments’ capital investments and technology solutions divisions. The shop executes mainly direct marketing and database work for those clients.
Welsh and Lou Orsatti have known each other for about 10 years. While working for Arnold Communications in the mid-1990s as a senior vice president and associate creative director, Welsh was assigned for several months to the agency’s direct marketing unit, then called Orsatti & Parrish.