Odyssey Crafts Ads By The Numbers

VitroRobertson Lets Putter’s Tournament Record Speak for Itself
LOS ANGELES–VitroRobertson is building on its previous work for Odyssey Golf with a new campaign highlighting the golf company’s industry-leading position.
TV and print ads, which roll out nationally this month, focus on Odyssey’s club insert technology. The company was the first to market insert putters, according to John Vitro, a partner at the San Diego agency.
“Other companies have jumped on the bandwagon, and are producing their own insert clubs,” Vitro said. “But Odyssey has a patent on the materials they use.”
One 30-second TV spot employs a close-up shot of a golfer’s shoes on the green, as he is poised to putt with his Odyssey club. The number 147 is superimposed over the image. A voiceover reads: “This is the number of tournaments won with an Odyssey insert putter.” The number then proceeds to count down to 34, as the voiceover continues: “This is the number of tournaments won with all the other insert putters combined.” The number then counts down to zero. “Which leaves this as the number of other statistics that really matter.”
“We wanted to set the record straight [with insert putters] and tell it in a simple way,” said Vitro. “It’s a way for Odyssey to stop the confusion [among consumers]. It says, ‘Here’s what the records show. You decide for yourself.'”
One 15-second spot condenses the statistics to a ratio, pointing out that Odyssey club users have won four out of every five tournaments won by insert putters. Another, showing a black-and-white shot of the green, asks the question: “Will this be the day that Odyssey wins its 148th tournament? Or the day the next closest insert putter wins its 13th?”
All the spots end with the tag: “Odyssey. The No. 1 putter in golf.” Vitro is running the work during TV coverage of PGA tournaments on national network TV.
Similar print executions for the Carlsbad, Calif.-based client appear in golf enthusiast magazines such as Golf World and Gold Digest, as well as USA Today and other general interest magazines and newspapers.