Nurses Check Agencies’ Pulse

$1 Mil. to Be Raised for Recruitment Effort
CHICAGO–A newly formed coalition of nursing and healthcare organizations is seeking an agency to develop a national awareness campaign to fight the country’s nursing shortage.
The coalition, called Nurses for a Healthier Tomorrow, with help from Indianapolis-based consultancy Hetrick Communications, is approaching agencies across the country that already have large healthcare clients, said Lee Vriesman of Hetrick.
The coalition wants to enlist an agency and then negotiate a deal for one of the shop’s healthcare clients to underwrite a TV and print campaign on the coalition’s behalf, she said.
The coalition, comprised of such organizations as the American Red Cross, the American Nurses Association, the National League for Nursing and the Arthritis Foundation, last week launched a campaign to raise $1 million to fund the media buy and agency fees.
“We’re not looking for it to be a pro-bono account,” Vriesman said. Nonetheless, agencies willing to reduce or waive their fees would be welcomed by the coalition, she added.
Advertising is needed to raise awareness of the opportunities available for people educated in nursing, Vriesman said.
“It would address not only recruiting nurses into the schools of nursing but also retaining nurses in the profession,” she said.