New Campaigns: SOUTHWEST

Client: Berryman Products, Arlington, Texas
Agency: Joiner Rowland Serio, Dallas
Creative Director: Robert Joiner
Copywriter: Wendy Cook
Art Director: Allen Weaver
Although he looks like he just drank the client’s product, a razor-toothed sicko is actually the No. 1 spokesman in a new print initiative for Berryman’s B-12 Chemtool gas treatment solution. “Chem Tooler” is showcased as a hot-rod freak dependent on the product to clean his custom car’s engine so it can burn both gas and rubber more efficiently. The drawing will be familiar to regulars in the hot-rod, punk rock and underground comic scenes of the past as the product of Ed “Big Daddy” Roth’s fervid imagination. Roth also conceived “Rat Fink” and album covers for cult punk band The Cramps. Chem Tooler made his official debut at this month’s Automotive Parts & Accessories Association show in Las Vegas and will appear in ads in car publications as well as on in-store displays. The character will also be a part of the client’s 80th anniversary year promotional materials. –Glen Fest

Client: Midway Home Entertainment, Corsicana, Texas
Agency: McCann-Erickson, Dallas
Creative Director: Denise Keller
Copywriter: Melvin Strobbe
Art Director: Gene Blakeney
Producer: Lee Meragham
In a 30-second TV spot for the new “San Francisco Rush Extreme Racing” video game, the rules for safe driving are doled out–and promptly dismissed by what happens on a Sony Playstation or Nintendo N64. On-screen admonitions like “55 Saves Lives” and “Be Courteous at All Times” are displayed only to get shaken down by the fast-paced, rock-themed racing action that follows. Speeding muscle cars careen down sidewalks, pass into oncoming traffic and vault over Bay Area marinas from partially constructed bridges to back up the voiceover’s exclamation: “The only rules you need to follow are the ones in your head . . . Screw the rules.” The spot is set for teen-oriented cable TV shows while print work–showing a sports car flipping over a trolley under the headline, “This Could Hurt”–will run in video game magazines.–G.F.

Client: Southwest Airlines, Dallas
Agency: GSD&M, Austin, Texas
Creative Director: Brian Brooker
Art Director: Anne Stevenson (print), Steve Newton (TV)
Copywriter: Adam Butler (TV), freelancer Todd Alley (print)
With a game plan that combines action footage on TV and quirky humor in print, Southwest Airlines has begun promoting its new multi-year sponsorship pact with the National Football League. A 30-second TV spot intercuts on-the-field dramatics with shots of the client’s planes and employees to introduce Southwest as a new NFL sponsor and the official airline of the Super Bowl. As part of its deal, Southwest receives advertising time during NFL programming like the NFL Lineman Challenge. An ad running through December in USA Today rounds out the effort. It shows a Southwest plane humorously morphed to look like the blimps that hover over football games. Copy explains that passengers who book flights via the Internet will earn the chance to win a trip for 11 to Super Bowl XXXII in San Diego. –Steve Krajewski