Nail Intros ‘Unnatural’ Characters, Acts for Sublime

Distortions of tired stereotypes and some decidedly unnatural activities are used to promote Sublime Juiced Beverages in a humorous radio campaign crafted by Nail.

In order to compete with better-known offerings, such as Mike’s Hard Lemonade and Smirnoff Iced, Sublime and the Providence, R.I., shop decided to “make some waves” with three 60-second spots.

Apparently, they succeeded. One Boston station (WFNX-FM) refused to air one of the commercials, and another (WBCN-FM) ran the executions past the FCC for approval because of concerns about the campaign’s potentially objectionable content.

One spot features a man with an exaggerated “hillbilly” accent using raunchy language while petting a cow; in another, a disturbed guy talks about how putting on his wife’s underwear frees him from the confines of his “hairy, lumpy man shape.”

The third features a grandmotherly woman describing how she wants to whip her canasta partner’s bare behind.

In all of the spots, a voiceover concludes, “That’s not natural. Not like Sublime Juiced Beverages.” The ads end with the tag, “Sublime Juiced Beverages. Not unnatural.”

Nail made an effort “to match up [the ads] with our programming,” which includes radio stations targeting young adult males, said Chuck Carmone, account director at the agency.

The spots are running in several New England markets and are slated to roll in Los Angeles, Dallas and Miami. Financial details were not disclosed.

Sublime beverages, brewed by the Long Beach Brewing Co. of Long Beach, Calif., comes in lemonade, raspberry and tangeria—a mixture of tangerine and orange—flavors.

Sublime is not the first beverage Nail has launched this year. Last spring, Nail created a U.S. print campaign for South Africa’s Savanna Dry Premium Cider.