If the people at GoGo rilla Media have their way, the average Joe will encounter ads everywhere he goes. Indeed, the newly launched guerrilla-marketing company’s mission is “to bombard and overwhelm consumers with advertising messages as they go about their daily lives.”

The New York-based company plans to do this via ads on coasters, coffee cups, beer glasses, fortune-cookie inserts, sugar packets, pizza boxes and condoms, among other products. Even public restrooms are not off-limits to ad messages: GoGorilla’s promotional vehicles include GoWipes toilet-paper rolls printed with ads, and GoWhizz splash guards placed in urinals.

The shop’s aim: “to advertise to people in a way that they’re not expecting, to amuse people, to be playful with advertising,” said president Alan Wolan.

The company’s clients include Delta Airlines, The WB Television Network, MTV and Cottonelle.

GoGorilla is a unit of GoCard LLC, which also owns GoCard Postcard Advertising, postcard-printing service and DAB Fragrance Sampling.