Moms, Dads Overobsess

Wilmington Trust promises to serve its customers as attentively as a doting parent in a new campaign from Korey Kay & Partners.
Three 30-second ads, in vintage and modern settings, depict parents painstakingly taking care of their children.
In “Pants” a small child stands on a table while his mother puts on his pants. The pants are too big, and without suspenders or a belt, they fall down. Each time they drop, she happily pulls them up again.
In “Cowlick,” a mother repeatedly tries to tame a son’s loose curl, again, to no avail. In “Cap,” a father arranges his daughter’s baseball hat again and again, as if styling a work of art.
A voiceover says: “Remember when you were the center of attention? At Wilmington Trust, you still are If there’s one thing we learned, you like the attention.” The tagline: “Expect attention.”
The Wilmington, Del. bank will air the New York agency’s spots in Delaware, Pennsylvania, New York, California and Florida. The effort is backed by $8 million.
–Sloane Lucas