Moffatt/Rosenthal Keeps Oregon Lottery Account

Moffatt/Rosenthal again has the winning ticket, successfully defending its Oregon Lottery ad account against a gaggle of suitors.

The win, which came after a formal review that lasted four months, marks the second time the Portland, Ore., shop has faced down rivals to keep the estimated $3 million business. This time the other shops were Cole & Weber/Red Cell, Johnson-Sheen, Sasquatch and Nerve.

In its seven years on the account, the shop has cranked out some 60 TV spots and 100 radio ads. The new agreement calls for the lottery to extend its reach to other media.

“We’re exploring different ways to market the lottery,” said agency account executive Lisa Nguyen. “At this point, we’re evaluating what the next step is to keep in line with changing perceptions of lottery players.”

New efforts will include “placement under the radar,” Nguyen said, in clud ing Web marketing, promotional events and local sporting events.

More ads are on the way, too, for the popular “Oregon Megabucks” game as well as the recently developed “Win for Life” game.

Overall, Moffatt/Rosenthal will keep doing work for each of the three types of Oregon Lottery games: instant, video poker and draw games. The shop says the lottery is also considering an interactive CD-ROM game.

Moffatt/Rosenthal’s work has generally leaned toward humorous spots. Among the accolades it has received is a “Best Lottery Spot in the World” award from the World Lottery Association. Notable recent spots included last year’s “Instant Powerball Scratch-It” ads featuring fool-pitying tough guy Mr. T.

The shop landed the account in 1994. “Our principals [Al Moffatt and Rob Rosenthal] had worked with the lottery in the past, so they had experience presenting and pitching to them,” said Nguyen.

The shop’s other clients include Copper Mountain Trust, PreNet, Regence BlueCross/BlueShield of Oregon, Shindaiwa and Dixie Corp.