Modernista! “Slows Down” the Holidays for the Gap

Modernista! has unveiled a nationwide holiday-themed TV campaign for the Gap.

“At a time when everything moves so fast, the spots are about slowing down and appreciating the moment,” says Gap spokeswoman Anna Lonergan.

The effort consists of four executions, each with a different tagline.

A slow, choral version of “The Little Drummer Boy” is used in a spot tagged “Slow down.” That ad features a slow-motion snowball fight among Gap-attired twenty- and thirtysomethings. A commercial tagged “Each one’s different” shows people floating through time and space like snowflakes. A party taking place inside a decorative seasonal bulb is tagged “Decorate yourself.” A holiday kissing scene is shown in a spot tagged “Give and receive.”

Spending for the campaign is believed to be at least $10-15 million through early January.

San Francisco-based Gap, which handles most of its advertising in-house, has yet to decide if it will work with Boston-based Modernista! on future projects, Lonergan said.