Mitsubishi ‘Prefers’ Sawyer

Best known for its business advertising prowess, Sawyer Riley Compton here is targeting consumers with a national cable TV launch for Mitsubishi Wireless Communications’ new Personal Communication Services (PCS) phone.
The client said the project’s budget is less than $2 million.
MWC, located in Duluth, Ga., was formed two years ago when two separate Mitsubishi business units merged, said Lou Anne Rossi, marketing communications specialist for the client.
Mitsubishi’s product is a digital PCS phone dubbed G100. The phone boasts six lines of type for messages and an extra-long battery life.
SRC is in the final stages of completing a G100 introductory commercial. The spot airs Nov. 5 on cable networks like CNN and The Weather Channel. Concept details were not revealed.
Mitsubishi first contacted SRC last spring, along with other undisclosed shops, Rossi said. She characterized SRC’s status as the client’s “preferred” agency rather than agency of record. The Design Co., Atlanta, continues to develop Mitsu-bishi’s trade print.
“It is major project work for [SRC]. We envision doing a few more TV commercials in the coming years,” Rossi said. Mitsubishi will introduce another PCS phone product next year, which SRC will likely handle.
Although the $45 million SRC currently has few consumer accounts, the shop is “doing a lot of business marketing that involves consumer media,” said SRC president Frank Compton.