McKinney Raises Curtain on Film Festival

ATLANTA McKinney + Silver recently launched its latest work for the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival, the shop said.

For the fourth year in a row, Raleigh, N.C.-based McKinney has developed television spots and print ads promoting the annual event, which started yesterday in Durham, N.C. The new campaign is an extension of what has been done in past years, and features the same tagline, “How much reality can you handle?”

The television component features two 30-second commercials, directed for the fourth year by Tim Bieber of Mr. Big Film in Chicago, according to the shop.

In “Ulf,” a blind psychic reads clients’ palms and posteriors. A voiceover explains that Ulf “can get a lot of information about people from touching their butt.” Another spot, titled “Toe Wrestling,” explores the English sport of toe wrestling, where competitors lie on their backs and compete for prizes.

Each of the ads mirrors the kinds of documentary films that Full Frame has become known for over the years, according to the shop. Print ads also revisit the “reality” theme with posters promoting films on subjects such as John F. Kennedy and filmmaker Dziga Vertov.

Full Frame was founded in 1998 by Nancy Buirski, a former foreign pictures editor at The New York Times. The intention was to showcase the talent and power behind documentary film and provide an arena where filmmakers would be recognized, Buirski said.

The ads are currently appearing on local television stations and in regional newspapers and magazines. Campaign spending was not disclosed.