A Matter Of Interpretation

Spanish interpreter Nicolas Villamizar is on a mission.
Every day, Villamizar said, he encounters ads improperly translated into Spanish. “It seems like there is an apathy, and it really hurts,” he said. “I feel like I have a civic duty to make things clear.”
Villamizar (below) works with agencies through his Chelsea, Mass., studio, Sounds Good Productions. Venezuelan-born Villamizar got into the ad business after being hired to do voiceovers and noticing mistakes in script translations.
Creating Spanish-version spots is more than just using proper language. When translating from English to most languages, words and phrases become longer, Villamizar said. Often, he has to rewrite copy to convey the same message in the time allotted.
“A lot of times when you get stuff translated, it’s translated and nothing more,” said Peter Seronick of Greenberg Seronick O’Leary and Partners.
The Boston shop recently worked with Villamizar on Spanish ads for Shaw’s Supermarkets.
-Lauren Wile