Mass. Tourism “Colors”

Connelly Partners took leftover footage from last year’s Bay State tourism campaign, grafted on a swingin’ Brian Setzer score and spliced in a bit of digital magic to create some surprisingly appealing spots. The merger of live action and CGI are a nice change of pace for the category, especially in Massachusetts. It casts a fresh light on familiar tourist lures like beaches, lighthouses and the NBA Hall of Fame.

Steering clear of a voiceover was also a good idea, as narration, no matter how creatively crafted, invariably dwells on the history/natural attractions sell. The approach adopted here conveys a fun, positive impression of what the region has to offer and infuses much-needed energy into a campaign that too often leans on regional cliches (Red Sox fanatics at Fenway Park or blazing muskets at Lexington and Concord) to promote the region. –David Gianatasio