marketing makeover

Boulanger & Associates is preparing a campaign that will promote a new salon and day spa.

The Canton, Mass.-based Boulanger is developing an integrated effort to reflect the natural setting of the Braintree, Mass., spa. The tagline: “Natural beauty. Energized.”

“It plays on the environment of the spa, as well as its core philosophy,” said agency principal Diane Boulanger.

Print ads will break next month in Boston magazine and local newspapers.

A public-relations push will also tout the metamorphosis of the client, formerly known as Bruce Fisher Hair & Color Group, from a salon into a full-service spa. Collateral and interactive are part of the media mix. Spending is in the six figures.

The Fisher account represents the second win for Boulanger since it teamed with design boutique Skinnycat Creative in October. Skinnycat acts as Boulanger’s design arm.

The two shops previously picked up work for the Hotel Tria in Cambridge, Mass., a unit of the Best Western chain.