Áloco Por Chihuahuas!

Taco Bell’s ubiquitous–and controversial–Chihuahua is now appearing in ads praising the food chain for its vegetarian “dreamy, beany menu.”
This time, the ad (shown here) was placed by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, and the pooch is a mixed breed.
PETA sung Taco Bell’s praises in a piece that ran in early June in The Courier Journal in Louisville, Ky., where Taco Bell’s parent company is based, and The Orange County Register in California, home to Taco Bell.
PETA paid homage to Taco Bell by using a photo of a “veggie lovin’, sombrero-sportin’ ” Chihuahua spokesdog. That campaign, via TBWA Chiat/Day in Venice, Calif., has drawn fire from some Hispanic groups, which find the ads offensive. The PETA representative said the group didn’t anticipate any similar criticism. “It’s a very positive, upbeat ad. I can’t imagine anyone finding it offensive.”
In the ad, the diminutive dog is seen licking his chops, with a bubble above him saying “ÁLoco por frijoles!” (Crazy for beans!).
–Justin Dini