Living In The Material World

Andrew Jackson had a well-paid job, expense account, fast car–but he wasn’t happy,” reads the promotional copy of The Book of Life, a recently published non-fiction title by a former account director at the London office of Bartle Bogle Hegarty.
Jackson left his job because, according to the copy, “He felt he was a slave to time and materialism.” Inspired by the memory of war stories told to him as a child by his grandfather, Jackson set out with his wife on “one man’s search for the wisdom of age,” compiling an oral history of the musings of wise old people around the world.
In the book Jackson sardonically describes joining BBH: “The names of the founders were artily scribed on frosted glass beside the door. A wall of Sony monitors in reception played the latest music videos and a bright young face wished me a cheery good morning.”
A TV documentary based on the book is in the works and TV serial rights are in negotiation. The author also is available for interviews and “events.” Welcome back to the material world, Mr. Jackson. –Richard Linnett