Lite at Square One

By Trevor Jensen

CHICAGO–Texas is the target for two new executions in the ‘Miller Time’ campaign for Miller Lite, created by Square One in Dallas with oversight from lead Lite agency Fallon McElligott, Minneapolis.

The two spots, which open and close with the Miller Time logo developed by Fallon, are expected to break later this month in Texas only. Square One earlier this year produced the first TV work in years for Miller’s Milwaukee’s Best brand and also is the brewery’s creative agency for Miller High Life.

This is the shop’s first work for Lite, and the spots are geared for drinkers in the competitive Texas market, where Miller Lite is battling to regain market share from Anheuser-Busch’s Bud Light.

Bill Westbrook, president and executive creative director at Fallon, said the agency worked with Square One on the spots. Officials at Square One declined comment on the Lite work.

The spots were produced by Straw Dogs of Santa Monica, Calif., and directed by Jesse Dillon, who worked on one previous spot, ‘Tumbleweed,’ in the Miller Time series from Fallon, according to Craig Rodgers, an executive producer with Straw Dogs.

In one new Square One spot, dubbed ‘Cowboy Haiku,’ it’s open mike night at a Texas bar, Rodgers said. A cowboy poet takes the stage and, backed up by a toothless cowpoke on a snare drum, recites a haiku: ‘Newborn calf/Precariously standing/Tender loving calf.’ The Stetsoned crowd snaps its fingers in appreciation.

In a second spot, action in a crowded Texas honky-tonk slows until a wall panel is opened, revealing two empty Lite cans, Rodgers said. Refills are inserted and the good times get back to full speed.

Future regional spots could be created for other key Lite battlegrounds, such as Florida or Chicago, sources said.–with Ellen Rooney Martin

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