On Jay, Donny and the Road to Respect

I read the press and hear speeches about the state of the ad industry and find it maddening that the very man who had more to do with bring ing value, pride and a sense of worth to our business has passed away.

More ironic is the fact that the people who are now crying for “respect” and “to be recognized for what we do” are the same people that constantly criticized Jay, his people and his agency over these many years.

Critics said Chiat/Day had too much attitude, was arrogant, prideful and only interested in creativity. But Jay taught his people to believe in their product and to fight for good ideas because they were rare.

Now that those same critics and today’s “ad legends” have commodified this business beyond recognition, we hear their complaints that clients “don’t respect them.” Gee, I wonder how that happened?

A few weeks ago I spoke to Jay about it. He laughed. I find it sad.