the Kids are all right

Maybe it was a shameless bid to get a jump on fresh young talent or maybe they are just prepping for a cranky client, but staffers from the Los Angeles office of Round2 Worldwide have been making the rounds at local elementary schools recently.

Their mission is to give kids an inside look at the world of advertising.

“It was something we wanted to do as part of an outreach to the community,” said Ann Marie Gillespie, the shop’s general manager. “Many of these kids never knew these jobs even existed.”

Gillespie noted that folks at the shop were thrilled to receive a batch of thank-you notes from the kids.

“I loved everything you did. I would like you to tell us more about advertising,” wrote Brigette, a second grader.

“I appreciate you coming to my school and teaching me about advertising. Now I know what to buy and what not to buy,” scribbled Ben, Brigette’s classmate.

Of course, there’s always a naysayer or two. Gillespie was taken aback by one little boy who was a bit too concise.

“He told us he didn’t like anything we had to say,” she said, “but he was polite and thanked us for coming.”

Gillespie said she believes that young man is destined for great things—working on the client side.