Kerry Decries Job Losses, Healthcare

NEW YORK A new spot from Sen. John Kerry, now airing in Ohio, focuses on job losses under the Bush administration, while a second features former Sen. Max Cleland and is on the air in Georgia.

The 30-second spot called “Jobs Lost” began airing in Ohio on Feb. 24. In it, Kerry takes the Bush administration to task on the economy. John Kerry says, “Three million jobs lost. That is an astonishing failure.” Later the ad cites the need to end tax breaks, keep jobs in America and control healthcare costs.

The “Cleland” spot began airing in Georgia on Feb. 25. In the spot, the former U.S. Senator from Georgia and decorated war hero says, “John Kerry is the guy that can change this country. John is a fighter. He’s experienced, he has character, he has courage. He stands head and shoulders above anybody else running for President.” Cleland also says of Kerry, “He’s been tested on the battlefield, he’s been tested in the United States Senate, and now he’s ready to be President of the United States.”