Jumboshrimp Touts UpShot’s Online Sales Tool

Managing a company’s sales flow may not be a life-or-death responsibility, but you wouldn’t know it judging from a new ad campaign from Jumbo shrimp Advertising.

The new advertising, rolling out now, is for UpShot, a company that markets a Web-based sales and forecasting tool. Three print ads illustrate the high stakes involved in tracking business performance. Spending is $2-3 million.

One ad features a photo of a man with a blue EKG line running across his eyes, indicating his heart has stopped beating. Text reads: “Either you’re able to monitor sales real time or you’re dead.”

Another ad shows a man with fogged-up glasses. The text reads: “If you can’t see what’s going on with sales and see it clearly, you’re going to get blind-sided.”

The tagline is: “See results now.”

UpShot, based in Mountain View, Calif., says its products allow companies to manage all their sales information—contacts, accounts, sales opportunities, to-do lists, appointments, reports, forecasting—from one browser-based application. Firms that rely on salespeople working in the field, for example, can use the Web to efficiently monitor those sales and transactions.

“The whole campaign is based on being able to see what’s going on in your business,” Jumboshrimp creative director Brian Birch said. “If you’re in sales, you have to be able to check on things.”

“This is a perfect tool for sales,” added agency managing director Robert Ahearn. “It allows companies to see transactions as they are going on.”

The campaign also includes direct mail and radio components. The print advertisements are breaking now in BusinessWeek and other publications.

Executives at the client could not be reached for comment.

Jumboshrimp was formed this year by senior executives from Leo Burnett Technology Group’s now-defunct San Francisco office. They brought some Burnett accounts with them, including UpShot.