Judgment Day For Arnold

One arguable benefit of becoming recognized as a creative talent is being asked to judge award shows.
That honor has recently been bestowed upon a pair of creative executives at Arnold Communications in Boston, called on for some heavyweight judging assignments.
Chief creative officer Ron Lawner will head to France in June to participate in the international advertising show held annually in Cannes, while creative director Jay Williams will travel to the balmy climes of Hawaii in March as a judge for the prestigious One Show.
In characteristic fashion, Lawner last week downplayed the significance of his role at Cannes and had to hunt down his Lion trophies when asked about them last week. The creative director has won two, although there is allegedly no correlation between winning and judging.
An inspired Jerry Garcia memorial ad from Volkswagen of America garnered a Lion in 1996. The print execution featured a line drawing of a powder-blue VW bug with a single tear dripping from a headlight and the Grateful Dead lead singer’s name below.
A Lion was awarded in 1989 to Lawner’s former agency for a TV spot promoting Safer pesticides.
-Judy Warner