Jet Blue “Taken for a Ride”

Like a lot of smart advertising, new online videos for JetBlue (via the Mullen agency) say as much about the customer as they do about the brand. Taking a shot at competing airlines’ predilection for imposing exorbitant checked-luggage charges, the video shown here features taxicab passengers who are told by the cabbie that they must pay $25 for having put suitcases in the trunk. It all leads up a recurring theme line in the campaign, “If you wouldn’t take it on the ground, don’t take it in the air.” Of course, the truth is that people “take” any number of daily indignities, and all the more so in this tough economy. But that doesn’t mean they’re willing to see themselves as beaten down. This campaign tells them they needn’t do so, and it implicitly addresses them as the sort of people who take a stand. The taxi passengers shown here don’t put up with any guff, and viewers will be happy to identify with them. If choosing JetBlue both spares you some aggravations and gives you a way to resist the airline industry’s usual nonsense, that comes across credibly as a double benefit. –Mark Dolliver