Jack Daniel’s Turns Up the Grill

Jack Daniel’s licensing unit has partnered with food manufacturer Completely Fresh Foods to launch a new line of refrigerated meat entrees made with Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 Tennessee Whiskey.
These entrees expand the grilling sauces, mustards and marinades the brand currently offers at grocery stores, and the Jack Daniel’s burger that has been on the TGI Friday menu for years. New products include roasted beef brisket, baby back ribs, pork loin, barbecue pulled pork and pulled chicken. The expectation is that the Jack Daniel’s brand on the products will draw in the consumer and the taste will get them to keep returning.
“The Jack Daniel’s brand helps the consumer recognize it on the shelf and have an initial trial,” said Tony Cimolino, vice president of sales and marketing for Completely Fresh Foods, who handles the Jack Daniel’s account. “Jack Daniel’s has sports fans, country music fans, rock and roll. It’s really a brand that cuts across a lot of demographics.”
Cimolino sees this broad appeal as a crucial characteristic for products targeted toward the barbeque market, considering the many regional tastes in this category, from tomato-based sauce in Kansas City, to a spicier barbecue in Texas.
The suggested retail price ranges from $6.49-$8.49 for the 16 oz. cardboard-covered microwavable trays. Promotions and advertising will vary by grocery chain and by state, but include coupons, in-store demonstrations and promotional advertising. In November, combination packages of whiskey and the meats together will be available at select grocers.
The line of meats was introduced into test markets in Southern California last September, and were then expanded to be offered in select Supervalu, Kroger and Albertson locations throughout the United States, as well as at Costco outlets, where 32 oz. packages are available. With the October launch, the meats will have full distribution at Safeway, A&P and Target outlets, among other regional chains.
“Jack Daniel’s has had a relationship with food from the very beginning,” said Cimolino, describing the barbeques that the whiskey’s namesake would throw in his town of Lynchburg, Tenn. “It has a very special place with the brand.”