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IQ News: Yahoo and MSNBC Get Gist

Yahoo, in partnership with New York-based Gist Communications, will today announce Yahoo! TV Coverage (tv.yahoo.com), personalized listings geared to users’ zip codes and interests.
Previously, Yahoo provided TV listings in partnership with TV Guide’s web site The listings will be co-branded between Yahoo!, Santa Clara, Calif., and Gist.
Why the switch? “We try to provide extensive content for our users, mainly because we think it enhances the sites,” said Marti Berg, a producer in Yahoo!’s entertainment group. Gist provides listings for 11,000 cable channels and 35,000 zip codes, far more than TV Guide, she said. Gist will provide editorial reviews and articles such as daily recommendations; TV Guide had provided listings, but not additional content.
MSNBC on the Internet is also forming a partnership with Gist for co-branded listings that will be personalized by zip code.
Gist shares advertising revenue with its partners.and sells ads directly on its own site www.gist.com. –Anya Sacharow