IQ News: Trident Mixes Fun and Games in Online Effort

Morris Plains, N.J.-based packaged goods company Warner-Lambert this week is expected to launch an online campaign for its new Trident for Kids berry-flavored bubblegum. Created by New York-based interactive shop Digital@JWT, the campaign combines rich-media animation and interactive games aimed at children ages 6 to 11 and their dental hygiene-conscious moms.
The online effort will last three months, appearing on kid-centric sites, and, as well as on women’s network iVillage. “We wanted to utilize the interactive nature of the Web,” explained Tracy Swedenburg, digital producer at Digital@JWT. “Gum is fun and we wanted to translate that online.”
In an effort to build brand recognition and interaction, the campaign encompasses several elements to spark kids’ curiosity and answer adults’ questions, all within a Trident for Kids context. One element initiates play with online games built within Enliven expandable banners. The first, called Toothfairy Tiptoe, features a winged creature with a wand, whose objective is to stealthily steal a tooth planted under a sleeping child’s pillow. However, the Toothfairy must first maneuver through a maze of toys without waking the child. For instance, if the Toothfairy steps on a cat, it lights up and meows, rousing the child from sleep.
The second game, The Anatomy of Super Tooth, encourages learning, but in a fun, playful manner. Children can interact with Super Tooth by rolling their mouse over the bright white, smiling Superhero. As the user explores different areas of the tooth, messages pop up, such as “Bulging biceps, not to be confused with bulging bicuspids.”
The bubblegum maker has also partnered with Nickelodeon and MaMaMedia to provide content. Kids can click through an animated GIF banner located on the Nick sites to
a Trident for Kids micro-site. The site features tooth trivia, a downloadable Super Tooth screen saver, nutrition facts and printable bookmarks, doorhangers and coloring pages.
From the MaMaMedia site, kids can click through to a Stamps and Stomps page. Likened to Colorforms, the page features noisy stickers–such as Super Tooth and the Tooth Bullies–that kids can navigate through on the page. They can also register to win a supply of gum to last them until the end of the school year on
As for moms, the banner on iVillage leads them to, which touts the health benefits of the new gum, made with Recaldent, a milk-derived ingredient.