IQ News: and Thugs In Harmony

Lovers of dry wit, bad taste and animated cartoons will be interested to learn that Mondo Media, an online animation creator and content distributor, today announced a partnership with video and DVD e-tailer
Thugs on Film, Mondo Media’s Net-only movie review show, will feature several different types of ad insertions for Emeryville, Calif.-based
“It’s good targeting, because the people who watch Thugs are film buffs,” said Steve Ledoux, San Francisco-based Mondo Media’s senior vice president of advertising.
The Flash-animated program is syndicated on sites such as Lycos, Alta Vista, Netscape, Snap and Excite. The show is not for the faint of heart, using strong language and fairly demented humor as characters Cecil and Stubby skewer lame movies.
The partnership allows to integrate an ad message into the Thugs show. “When you first access Thugs, a badge shows up in the right-hand corner,” said Ledoux. “When the show launches, the words ‘Sponsored by’ appear. At one point during the show, Stubby holds up a sign hawking”
A click on any of these ads transports the user to a mini-site selling discounted movies related to the reviews. “For example, a review of a submarine show led to a choice of 15-20 submarine movies on the mini-site, everything from Das Boot to 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea,” Ledoux said. The user can buy DVDs or videos on the mini-site.
According to Robin Harper, Mondo Media’s senior vice president of marketing, this approach combines the advantages of TV and radio advertising with “the added element of instant transactions which those media cannot deliver.” Harper claimed that in initial testing of the ads, the clickthrough rate exceeded 8 percent.
As for the revenue stream, Ledoux said the two companies have a hybrid deal. “We sell ads by CPM, a fixed revenue component. We also get a percentage of every sale.”
As part of the arrangement, is running archived Thugs episodes on its site. “We’re huge fans of the creativity at Mondo,” said Harry Bernstein, vice president of corporate development at “It’s a little edgy and we like that. It makes us stand out in the crowd.” n