IQ News Data: Barbie Banner Ad Leads the Pack

Of Toy Advertisers Across the Web
Dorian Stuart is hardly alone when she said, “I was madly in love with Barbie when I was little girl.” But a smaller number of doll lovers have followed the 49-year-old Stuart, who graduated to vintage doll collecting in later years.
An online ad for the popular Mattel icon, which appeared on sites such as Nickelodeon and Yahoo!, was the most widely distributed banner across the Net compared to other toy banners appearing in the month of March, according to Seattle-based Internet research firm AdRelevance.
The Barbie banner ad delivered more than 800,000 impressions and offered Web surfers the opportunity to create a customized “Friend of Barbie doll” when users clicked through to the official Barbie Web site. What began as a mass market doll has become a highly collectible item for some. Stuart feels there are “too many as far as collectible value,” but admits that “they’re good quality, sturdy dolls. They can take all sorts of abuse.”
Stuart ought to know. She parlayed her life-long passion for dolls into her now 20-year-old Dorian’s Doll Hospital, a doll repair business, that she operates out of her home in Reading, Pa.–Christine Spart