IQ News: Clothing E-tailers Target Gen Y Shoppers With Banner Ad Freebies

Banner ads for the apparel industry have racked up noteworthy impressions over the month of March. Hosiery maker Hanes’ 6.4 million impressions lead the pack., a fashion e-tailer aimed at young women, follows with 3.5 million impressions.
“[The young women’s market] is huge. Everyone wants a piece of the junior market,” said Edgar Trinidad, a spokesperson for The Fashion Association, a New York-based non-profit organization that promotes the fashion industry. Trinidad said that it makes sense for apparel brands to target Generation Y online because “juniors spend a lot more time on the Web than other consumers,” Trinidad said. “[Online advertising] strengthens the brand message.”
So what are fashion hounds looking for when they shop online? Trinidad forecasts the fall trend to be more upscale fashion and a return to the ’80s preppy look.
–Christine Sparta