An Intern-Al Agency Matter

The timing was too good for Barkley, Evergreen & Partners not to take advantage of it.
The Kansas City, Mo.-based agency was about to begin advertising for its summer internship program when the news was hijacked by President Clinton’s sex scandal.
Knowing a good opportunity when he sees one, BE&P executive creative director David Farmer set to work on ads touting the program–using headlines that give a knowing wink to the news event on everyone’s minds.
“It just seemed like the right time to do it,” said Farmer, who claimed to have been encouraged by his secretary, Stephanie Wildman, whom he joked is an avowed Clinton-hater.
After Farmer drafted several options, agency officials decided on two. One declares, “For those concerned, we don’t even have a west wing.” The second reads, “About the only thing we won’t ask you to do this summer is lie.” (However, this being advertising, the interns may be asked to “stretch the truth a little,” body copy reads.)
The print ads and posters seeking interns hit area college campuses this week. It’s unlikely the recruitment program will extend to Lewis & Clark in Portland, Ore., Monica Lewinsky’s alma mater.
–Aaron Baar