Images Are Everything in Polaroid Ads

Holland Mark Targets Photo Professionals With Arty Print Effort
BOSTON–Pictures speak louder than words in a new print campaign fashioned by Holland Mark Martin Edmund for the professional photography division of Polaroid Corp.
Visually arresting executions present retouched Polaroid photos set against solid black backgrounds. Surreal images featured in the ads include a man with twirling, hypnotic eyes; a woman whose spiked green hair resembles a forest; and an angelic figure who appears draped in robes of shimmering light.
The headline for the latter asks, “Is it photography? Or alchemy?” The text recommends that photographers “Let the people who attend your retrospective decide” and urges them to call Polaroid to learn “how to achieve these and other original photographic techniques.”
The objective: spur film and hardware sales by inspiring commercial photographers, art directors and amateur enthusiasts to experiment with Polaroid products.
Also included in the campaign are mailers designed to drive the target audience to the client’s Web site.
“A large and growing number of professional photographers have been using Polaroid film for final art images” and the campaign hopes to further tap into that market, said Bob Boucher, senior marketing communications manager at Polaroid.
Holland Mark has created business-to-business efforts for Polaroid for the past several years, but this is the Boston shop’s first media-based push for its professional photography group in nearly five years, said Megan Hammer, senior brand manager at Holland Mark.
Bob Minihan served as creative director for the effort, which was written by Tim Gillingham. Becky Hickey handled art direction.
The ads will break in August issues of Communication Arts, Studio Photography & Design and others.