In essence, all music videos are ads, but hip-hop group Black Eyed Peas has taken things a step farther with its latest video, a pseudo-infomercial.

The video, complete with testimonials and statements like “Buy now!” flashing on-screen, touts a “Discover Hip Hop” (the song’s title) packet that includes tapes with hip-hop vocabulary and instructions on how to be a disc jockey.

Firefighters, suburbanites and others dance with the fake product as the Black Eyed Peas rap. No phone number is displayed, but the address www.discoverhip-hop.com is shown.

Maury Loeb of Zap Edit in New York aimed for a low-budget, amateurish look when editing footage (shot by Brian Beletic of Los Angeles’ Satellite Films) for the video.

He used bad editing to lend authenticity. “A lot of it wasn’t effects; it was very basic,” Loeb said. “[I used] really intentional long takes, a lot of awkward edits.”

The video broke last month and has aired on MTV, The Box and BET.