How Smart Are Account Execs?

Looking for help on what to say to a client who’s just hired a new marketing director? Do you know if a four-color ad pulls more readers than a similar black-and-white execution?
These are some of the questions that pop up in the Account Executive Quiz–part of a new Web site designed by Elgin, Texas, agency NourzAds.
Surfers logging onto can take the quiz, learn about the agency’s capabilities and view samples of the shop’s print work.
While the bulk of the offerings is standard fare for an agency Web site, browsers would be hard-pressed to find information on the 10th annual Elgin Hogeye Festival (appearing in the venue’s “News” section) anywhere else on the Internet.
For those with a little too much time on their hands, the site also offers updates on the activities of Alex, the office pooch.
–Steve Krajewski