Hooked On A Hot Trend

Dancing babies are hot.
Just last month, Fox’s Ally McBeal TV show turned the Internet’s computerized dancing baby–created by Michael Girard to promote his Kinetix Character Studio animation software–from cult sensation to mainstream hit. Now Martin/Williams’ new Valentine’s Day spot for Target Stores also features a boogying tot, dressed as Cupid. But this one is real.
“The timing is really good,” conceded Lyle Wedemeyer, creative director of the Minneapolis agency. “With all the publicity [for the Internet version], it’s a nice thing to happen at the same time.”
While the Internet’s animated toddler gyrates to the distinctive “ooga chucka” chant from Blue Swede’s rock classic “Hooked on a Feeling,” M/W’s real-life Cupid gets down to love songs by Celine Dion.
Featuring the Canadian chanteuse, who’s atop the charts with a song from the Titanic soundtrack, wasn’t an overt attempt to double up on hot trends, Wedemeyer said.
But, he added, “It doesn’t hurt.”
–Aaron Baar