HomePortfolio Designs New Ads

The passions and frustrations of women attempting to create their dream homes are the focus of the latest consumer campaign from HomePortfolio.com.

Created by Ideate, Watertown, Mass., four print ads feature a series of women photo-graphed in black and white, holding color photographs depicting a “dream room” in each of their homes.

The budget for the campaign is $8 million.

“Your creativity has no limits. It’s just stuck between a ballet recital and a board meeting,” reads one execution. Another features the message, “You’re creating a mood. Cranky, frustrated and anxious isn’t what you have in mind.”

The ads include an emotional component because, “it’s not only what really draws people in and evolves, but it’s something everyone can identify with,” said agency president Rick Colson, who described HomePortfolio.com as “a reassuring place to go.” The Newton, Mass.-based Internet site provides consumers with access to “how-to” content and information on home design products.

Ads keep the tagline, “Where dreams become homes,” which was created by HomePortfolio’s previous agency, Kirshenbaum Bond & Partners, New York. Ideate, already on board for business-to-business efforts, added the consumer portion of the assignment in the fall.

“We’re not out there hunting consumers with the campaign,” said Colson. He believes the campaign “speaks to [HomePortfolio’s] secure, confident presence in the marketplace.” The campaign breaks in the February issues of Architectural Digest, House & Garden, Gourmet, Bon Appetit, Vanity Fair, Condé Nast Traveler, Traditional Home, and Renovation Style, and will run through December.

The ads target women ages 35-55, Colson said. “Women are primarily responsible, in most cases, for redesigning and decorating their homes,” said Colson.

A TV component is also expected to break in the spring. “It’s our first foray, in many years, into consumer broadcast,” Colson said.