GSH Gets See’s and Black Rocket’s Candy Man

SAN FRANCISCO Grant, Scott & Hurley has taken over the $1.4 million See’s Candies account without a review and hired a creative director who has worked with the client for more than a decade, sources said.

Duties include brand strategy, creative development and production, and media buying and planning, according to sources. See’s typically advertises in newspapers and on radio, especially around holidays.

The independent San Francisco shop has hired creative director Chris Chaffin, formerly of crosstown Black Rocket Euro RSCG, a Havas shop.

GSH partner and general manager Brian Hurley said See’s gets new brains and enthusiasm on its business, and GSH adds a huge talent to its creative department.

“This is a rare example where all parties win,” Hurley said.

On losing an employee, Steve Stone, Black Rocket founding partner and creative director, said the shop could not be happier for Chaffin, to watch him continue his See’s work at GSH.

“Chris has been a great friend and contributor during his three years with us,” Stone said. “We’re going to miss him and the weekly two-pound box of nuts and chews.”

The See family founded See’s in 1921; matriarch Mary See’s picture still adorns the candy boxes. The South San Francisco-based firm, which will open its first Midwestern location in January, has more than 200 stores nationwide. Berkshire Hathaway of Omaha, Neb., bought the confectioner in 1972.

See’s spent $1.4 million on advertising last year and $700,000 in the first half of 2004, per TNS Media Intelligence/CMR.