GSD&M Asks and Answers for

DALLAS, a joint venture of AT&T and BellSouth, today breaks its first campaign from GSD&M, the agency said.

Using a mix of network television, cable and online advertising, the campaign is designed to build awareness, brand identity and usage for Ads will run throughout 2006.

The main idea behind the creative involves people conducting tasks in humorous, out-of-ordinary ways, the agency said. The campaign theme “Need something?” appears, and offers a solution.

“Our research indicates that when consumers use our site, close to 90 percent plan to use it again and more than 85 percent indicate they would refer it to friends,” said Matt Crowley, vice president of marketing for Pasadena, Calif.-based “By using the tagline ‘We wrote the book on local search,’ we are tying in the heritage of our parent organizations—AT&T Yellow Pages and BellSouth Advertising and Publishing.”

Omnicom’s GSD&M of Austin, Texas, won creative and media for the client in August 2005. The agency also handles media and creative for AT&T, formerly SBC Communications, based in San Antonio.

“We have developed a campaign which combines breakthrough creative with a strong integrated media plan that will drive awareness and usage of the site,” said J.B. Raftus, senior vice president and strategist at the agency.

The national ad campaign consists of eight television spots and a host of online ad components.

One spot begins with a man carrying a large roll of carpet through a laundromat. He struggles with the carpet as he tries to load it into a washing machine. A voiceover asks, “Need something?” as text appears on the screen. A search box appears and the words “Carpet Cleaning” are typed in. The voiceover continues, “To find it locally you need” The spot closes with the tagline, “We wrote the book on local search.” All of the TV and online ads carry a similar theme. launched its Internet Web site in November 2005, merging SBC’s, and former platforms.

Campaign spending is undisclosed.