Grey Wins Nokia Gaming Phone Business

NEW YORK Nokia has awarded the marketing launch assignment of its N-Gage gaming mobile phone to Grey Worldwide, a client executive confirmed.

Christian Flom, senior marketing manager for Nokia and for N-Gage in Europe, denied the agency was given the assignment after a review. “It’s not a question of winning an assignment,” Flom said. “There was no review. We discussed this with them and they understand the gaming and the phone business. We are working on the marketing together with Grey of N-Gage.”

Sources estimated billings on the worldwide assignment to be $100 million but Flom declined to comment on billings and on which office of Grey would handle the business, which sources said Grey London pitched. “We work with all the offices of the Grey network,” Flom said. Grey has handled Nokia’s phone business in Europe since the early 1990s.

Executives in Grey London could not be reached at press time, a Grey representative in New York declined comment. Nokia is based in Helsinki, Finland.