Goodby, Wieden Equals On Branding, Says Nike

Goodby, Silverstein & Partners did not officially win any new assignments following its presentation to Nike last week, but the client for the first time said that Goodby has parity with lead agency Wieden & Kennedy on Nike’s global branding efforts.
“Both agencies are our branding agencies. Both are working with our centralized branding and communications unit,” said Nike’s director of U.S. advertising, Chris Zimmerman. He added: “The shops will continue to work on the assignments they were hired to do.”
Last Monday’s meeting between San Francisco-based Goodby and Nike was the first time the company had treated its secondary agency on an equal basis to Wieden, Portland, Ore. Sources said the meeting was prompted by a previous, unsatisfactory meeting with Wieden. The client, however, has considered both agencies equals on branding for some time, sources also said. Officials at both agencies declined to comment.
Goodby presented creative ideas for the global Nike brand. Among the ideas Nike is considering, sources said: A new tagline from Wieden, “I can.” While not eliminating “Just do it,” the new line would appear in some campaigns.
Goodby’s first ad for Nike’s women’s shoes thumbed its nose at clichƒs of women’s empowerment through sports, a theme that was first used in Nike ads by Wieden. On one side of the ad is the headline: “You are a nurturer and a provider beautiful and exotic.” The other side of the ad shows the scribbled words: “You are not falling for any of this,” with a photo of the product.