Go Figure


Amount that farmers can be credited toward a vehicle at one car dealership in Canada if they trade in cattle. Walter Piccott Chev Olds, a dealership on Prince Edward Island, will accept up to a dozen cattle. The idea came from an employee who owns a meat shop. The dealership’s general manager says he wants to help the cattle farmers, who have had a rough time in recent years. “So we got together with the local sale barn and made an agreement with them,” he said, “and we’re actually paying five cents more per pound than they would normally get.” So far, one farmer has taken advantage of the deal.


Cost of a candle that smells like Jesus, according to the South Dakota couple that’s marketing it. Bob and Karen Tosterud got the idea for the candle, which is called “His Essence,” from Psalm 45, which says that when Christ returns to the earth, his garments will have the scent of myrrh, aloe and cassia. The Tosteruds combined those oils to create the candle. “It’s the only one on the market and everyone tells us it’s very unique and nothing like it,” said Karen Tosterud. Added Bob: “You can’t see Him, and you can’t touch Him. This is a situation where you may be able to sense Him by smelling. And it provides a really new dimension to one’s experience with Jesus.”