Go Figure


Elephants that Rich Sullivan, president of ad agency Sullivan-St. Clair in Mobile, Ala., helped bring to the University of Alabama campus for the Homecoming Game on Oct. 16. Back in the 1950s and ’60s, the school often had an elephant march in the Homecoming Parade (the animal is the university’s mascot, even though its teams are known as the Crimson Tide), but the tradition had faded. This year the DKE fraternity located three elephants at a small traveling circus in Illinois and planned to bring them to campus for the big game—but promptly ran into problems of bureaucracy and cost. Sullivan, a 1999 Alabama grad and former president of the DKE house, stepped in, got approval from the university (and its veterinarian) and paid the pachyderms’ way. The visit was said to be an all-around success.


Stories in the 2 Penn Plaza building in New York, which the new Jeep Grand Cherokee scaled as part of a stunt last week. “Scaling a New York building positions the new Jeep Grand Cherokee at its rightful place in the marketplace, literally above everything else,” said Jeep’s Jeff Bell. “We wanted to make an impossible-to-miss statement that incorporates the hallmarks of the Jeep brand and the capability and performance of the 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee.” And apparently it didn’t get a ticket.